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Dynabee , Dynamo , Therabee , Theragrip , Therabar , Motocross etc.
Relieves Repetitive Stress Injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Aids in the rehabilitation of Arthritic conditions
Strengthens Grip, Wrist, and Arms
Improves Performance in Tennis, Golf, Bowling, Rock Climbing, Racquet Sports, Hockey, Baseball, Archery, Martial Arts, Cycling, Boxing, Handball, Polo, Lacrosse, and Many Other Sports
Improves Coordination, Relieves Tension and Stress
Improves performance of Musicians such as Guitarists, Drummers, Pianists, and Wind Instruments
Fun Pastime for Adults and Children  

Gyroscopic exercisers provide a delightful, relaxing and extremely effective way to strengthen the hands, wrists and underarm, improves grip and coordination  without strenuous exercise. Capable of speeds over 8000 RPM. Gyro exercisers for all kind of sports, for rehabilitation and therapeutic conditioning. Dynabee Gyro Exercisers 10 models divided into 4 categories as there are:  First dynabee for everyone / Thera dynabee for rehabilitation/ Electric dynabee for profis / Sports special designs for several sports.  

One of the fastest growing affections in f.e. Europe these days  Repetitive Strain Injuries also called  Repetitive Stress Injuries for several years our dynabees are successful tools in physical therapy. Not only for people suffering this affection Repetitive Strain Injuries ( R.S.I.) or Carpel Tunnel Syndrome ( C.T.S.) etc. but also for everyone knowing that in their daily activities there might be a risk that one day you need to know more about R.S.I. or C.T.S. cause of affected       


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