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Powerful tool in the rehabilitation of cumulative trauma disorders. Stroke the rotor with your thumb or roll it over a mouse pad and it starts spinning now with a left-right pivoting wrist motion you feel the gyro force pull, increase the speed and feel the power. Keep it in its rhythm by moving your hand at the rhythm. 

  Motion of the Hand : Therabee can be used to isolate wrist flexors. Aids in the rehabilitation of Arthritic conditions. Therabee is held by a prehensile power grip. The object is clamped by the partly flexed fingers from cocontraction of the profundus and superficials flexor muscles, and extensor digitorum. Also stabilizing demands are placed on both the volar and dorsal interrossei and on the lumbricales. It is held in the palm by counter pressure applied applied with the tumb in opposition. This is accomplished by contraction ot the adductor pollicis and flexor pollicis longus and brevis. In addition, static contraction of the opponens pollicis and opponens digiti minimi occurs. During the work phase of the activity, these muscles are exercised in an isometric manner, the length of the muscles is maintained, while the tension within the muscle is increased and/or decreased as the demands of the gyroscopic force change. Grip strength studies show that the limiting factor appears to be the ability of the thumb to oppose the force of the fingers. Therabee is able to successfully exercise these muscles, and their related synergistic groups. Motion of the forearm :  Rotation of the forearm also assists in maintaining the speed of Therabee. The pronator and supinator groups act as antagonist, stabilizer and antagonist in a similar fashion as the muscles of the wrist. The biceps brachii assist with supination, and the brachioradialis assists in pronation to midpoint when the elbow is flexed to 90 degrees. The action of the forearm is performed in mid-position to pronation, and the radius is rotated across the ulna, or in the mid-position to supination where the bones lie parallel to each other.

Therabee is a precisely designed and engineered product for rehabilitation and/or strengthening of specific muscles. As such this device should be treated with great care. Therabee is white inside and transparent at the outside. Therabee delivered with a wrist strap, in a cardboard tin with a picture of muscles in arm, wrist and hand named on it. 

Improves Performance :

No one who has, or suspects physical handicap or illness should do exercisers with Dynabee Gyro Exercisers , or increase physical activity without first consulting a physician.
Powerfull tool in the rehabilitation of cumulative trauma disorders, such as carpel tunnel syndrom, lateral epicondylitis. 
Therabee is a keenly balanced gyroscopic rotor inside a compact sphere of polycarbonate plastic. Therabee is able to exercise the muscles without demanding painful range of motion int the finger and thumb. 
Therabee can be used in multiple planes to improve upper extremity kinesthetics.




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